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Stretch film is a plastic film (linear low-density polyethylene) primarily used for packaging palletized units. The density of the polymer used for the outer layers determines the product's adhesiveness or slipperiness. Stretch film is a self-adhesive stretchable film used in packaging. Leveraging its elastic properties, the film is cold-stretched and wrapped around the product to be packaged. Once the stretching force ceases, the film's elastic return creates a clamping force on the package.


Shrink film is a film that, when exposed to a heat source (oven, flame, hot air, etc.), shrinks up to about 50% of its original size, adhering to the object around which it has been wrapped. After cooling, the film retains its new shape. It is used to wrap objects to ensure stability and protection. It has high transparency, excellent machinability, and printability, and is suitable for food contact.


Particularly suitable for packaging bakery products that require high breathability. The special micro-perforation technology allows the product to breathe while still ensuring high mechanical strength.


LDPE (low-density polyethylene) film is widely used in a variety of industries for numerous applications. Thanks to its properties of flexibility, transparency, and strength, LDPE film is used in various sectors, including the food, clothing, packaging, and healthcare industries. It can be easily printed, heat-sealed, and treated with special additives to meet specific protection, presentation, and preservation needs.


Films in LDPE, HDPE, micro-perforated, shrinkable, sealing bar, UV-resistant, colored, printed, etc. Due to their composition characteristics, polyethylene films can be customized to increasingly meet customer needs.


Bubble wrap (or Airball) is probably the most convenient and widely used cushioning packaging in the world. It is commonly used to protect fragile objects from shocks; various types and categories are available on the market, differing in weight and bubble size.

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